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Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the International Scientific Conference of the International Project NIL-II-022-d ,,Professional ethics as a part of professional competence of supporting professions", which will take place from 22nd to 23rd November 2010 in Prešov, Slovak Republic.

The University of Prešov, as the organizing institution of the conference, sets out to make this Conference an interesting and inspiring meeting point, offering useful information, mediating contacts as well as facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience. The organizers are particularly motivated as to enhance the cooperation in the field of professional ethics of supporting professions and to initiate international and interdisciplinary cooperation by gathering experts from both, the scientific community and the community of practitioners in the field of supporting professions. We aim to raise the awareness of various contemporary issues concerning ethical dilemmas of supporting profession in postmodern society.

The conference will be an integrative meeting, connecting pedagogues, researchers and students in all levels of studies.

Hoping that the topic of the Conference will offer all participants a chance to present and exchange their knowledge and experience, and thus opening the door to future cooperation on various projects aiming at professional ethics and ethical dilemmas in supporting professions, we look forward to your participation at the Conference.

At the same time, please, take this Conference as an extraordinary opportunity to get acquaint with Prešov, its cultural and historical heritage and everyday life.

Please, find more information on this website
or send an e-mail to

We look forward to welcome you in Prešov!

On the behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee   Important dates:  
Doc. PhDr. Iveta Kovalčíková, PhD.,   Registration deadline 7th November 2010
the Chairwoman of the Scientific and Organizing Committee   Abstracts submission deadline 7th November 2010
    Final paper submission deadline 15th November 2010
    From the Conference will be published Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings. Full Papers max. 4 000 words.

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